The Western Dragon Tradition

Western dragons aren't necessarily evil - but they often are. At the very least they tend to be solitary and bad-tempered.

Background Information

The typical Western dragon is a large, scaly creature resembling a dinosaur or a large lizard. It usually has wings and can fly, often it will breathe fire.

An alternative name for Western dragons is wyrm, a word clearly related to "worm". This name is more commonly used for serpentine, water dwelling dragons but can be used for any of them. Wyrms are to be especially common in Britain.

Outside of Britain, most Western dragons live in caves or mountains or hidden away in the forests. They frequently guard a stash of gold or other valuable treasure. Western dragons are often used to symbolise greed.

Dragons vary as much as people do. Although many Western dragons are brutal, ignorant creatures who kill and eat humans others are ancient, wise creatures more akin to those found in the East.

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